Joel Sartore Photography

Project: Joel Sartore Photography redesign
Design: Andrew Cohen
Development: Jim Webb

Joel Sartore is a long-time National Geographic photographer who documents endangered species and places that are threatened. The site build needed to incorporate his 22,000 stock photos, promote his products and speaking engagements, and show his latest work:

Before the Redesign

Joel’s old site was clean and simple, but was tough to update and didn’t offer enough flexibility.


Hiding Watermarks in Plain Sight 

Joel needed to integrate 22,000 stock photos of beautiful places and rare species into the site, and watermark them in a way that didn’t look like typical, ugly watermarks or try to disable downloads of the images.

So, in addition to embedding copyright and caption metadata in all the site’s JPEGs, we added a dynamically generated watermark but hid it with CSS. Try it: the photo of terrifying bats on this page looks great, right?



Drag the image to your desktop, or open it in a new window. Voila! You’ll see a helpful watermark that identifies the image ID and strengthens Joel’s copyright of the image.