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Potato is a collective of artists aimed at world domination through silly (yet informative) artworks and posters. Enjoy.
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Euphemism stickers

Embarrass and confuse your friends, and make new enemies, with these sexually charged 3.75 x 3.75" stickers. Are they offensive terms for genitalia? Or just flash cards for common, harmless words?
Print them on adhesive paper and decorate your favorite conservative lawmakers' office. Make new friends by complimenting their dick (likeness to Richard Nixon) or saying they're gay (complimenting their happy demeanor)!

• Download PDF of Set #1: includes meat, dick, butt, box, ass and bush.
• Download PDF of Set #2: includes balls, prick, bun, cock and snatch.
• Download PDF of Set #3: includes monkey, pussy, hump, snake, beaver and weenie.
• Download PDF of Set #4: includes cherry, melons, nuts, gay and dinghy.
• Download the entire package of 24 stickers! Go crazy!

Genitalia Euphemism Stickers

Lots of stupid people

Yep. You're a modern, hip kind of person, free from prejudice. If you're white, you've got lots of black friends. If you're straight, you've got lots of queer friends. If you're liberal, you've got lots of conservative friends. Everybody's equal in your eyes.
Except for those damn indie rockers. You hate them. And old people sure are silly, aren't they? Boy, and people who take illegal drugs are real idiots.
Face your fears, or expose those of others, with this set of 12 bumper stickers, sized to print on legal paper.

I'll bet you think...
Download set of 12 stickers

A queer illusion

Check your vision with this handy poster, easily printable on legal paper and taped up in your office, home or favorite street corner.
In the tradition of 'blue jeans day,' this poster tests the optical characteristics of potentially gay and lesbian people. If you can see gray circles between the corners of the black squares, then you might be blessed with the ability to be a homosexual.
Use this unique and scientifically proven test with your close friends and relatives today: who knows, you might be the first on your block to bring someone out of the closet!

You might be gay if you...
Download PDF

N.C. sex laws

Ah, yes. The old standby. Held over from when North Carolina was a British colony are a variety of laws aimed at restricting.. well, boinky-boinky.
For instance, did you know that it's a felony for consenting adults to have oral sex unless they're married? Or that it's illegal to have any form of unmarried intercourse, unless it's a one-night stand?
Learn about this and more with this informative letter-sized poster. Makes for good party conversation as well as potential political action.

Interesting note: today, these laws are sometimes used to get search warrants. For instance, if a cop sees a suspected drug dealer having sex through an open window, they can arrest them and search their place for drugs. Neat, huh?

North Carolina sex laws
Download PDF

Kids & grocery stores

Thanks to our forward-thinking North Carolina legislators, it's illegal for the state's public schools to teach students about any form of birth control other than abstinence.
Yep. It's true. If students ask about contraceptives, they can only be told their failure rates and referred to their parents for more information. If they ask about AIDS, they are told that it's a virus transmitted by contaminated needles and homosexual acts.
The only way school systems can get around this rule is to hold a public hearing , in which the school board must agree to allow teachers to expand on sex and contraception.
Disgusting, isn't it? Show your outrage with this poster, or better yet, write your legislators.

Kids & Grocery Stores
Download PDF

America is the best

America. The beautiful. The free.
We rule the world with our power. Show your patriotism with this poster -- or else be labeled an unamerican pinko commie and shunned by friends and lovers forever. Props to poet Geoff Manaugh, who needs a web page I can link to.
(While you're at it, check out unamerican.com for more ways to show your patriotism.)

America #1!
Download PDF

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