Redesign: Autietots

Earlier this year, I was thrilled to build the front-end for Autietots, which is like Yelp (restaurant and venue reviews), but for parents of autistic kids. The site’s mastermind, Justin Morell, has  created a service that lets parents find quiet places, if that’s what their kids need; or loud places, if that works better; or restaurants where the customers won’t care if your kid is hollering. What an incredible thing for stressed-out parents.

Posts are rated in a variety of different ways, both by the editors and by the public.

For the nerds: I built the site entirely in WordPress, using the MyReview plugin as the backbone for the rating system and the Templatic theme as the backbone for the front-end. Both of them needed a lot of customization to come up with the resulting site. Both the Templatic theme and the MyReview plugin are solid foundations, but to my mind, they’re not finished products. There were a bugs in both that needed a lot of ironing out, and Justin wanted some customizations beyond what they could handle. The folks at MyReview were very responsive to questions and bug fixes; the folks at Templatic seemed much less so, and there are lots of reports on the forum boards (hidden, until you pay for a theme) with folks asking for help and getting none.

Even more than that, Justin and project manager John Johnson were a huge pleasure to work with, and the project is helping parents all over the pacific northwest.